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Why This Website?
Because !
  • Most existing websites are about specific car brands or models - very few, if any, attempt to include EVERYTHING there is to know.
  • By pooling the knowledge of thousands of members we hope to achieve the ultimate level of information about all Classic Cars.
  • The intention is for the website to be highly informative - this should be the first place you look for specific information about any Classic Car.
  • The goal is to become the preferred, interactive website for all Classic Car enthusiasts world-wide.
  • If you have a question or a problem, then this is where you interact with other classic car enthusiasts.
  • www.ClassicCarBase.com's staff will initially supply bits and pieces of information as well as photos.
  • Afterwards it is up to the members to decide how detailed the information will be and how fast the website will grow.
  • ClassicCarBase will endeavour to keep the website fresh whilst expanding into relevant areas not yet sufficiently covered.
Try !
  • To find information about your dream car.
  • To upload information about cars you know a lot about.
  • To chat with other members about the car that interests you.
  • To participate in identifying Mystery Cars.
www.ClassicCarBase.com is only for original cars for the time being, since we unfortunately have insufficient capacity for customized cars as well.