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This project started out as a hobby many years ago, but by now it has grown to such a size, that it’s time to look at commercial opportunities. World-wide registered members can freely up- and download pictures.

The website currently features:

  • 24,466 cars based on year, brand and model
  • 80,987 pictures of cars (mostly high definition)
  • 15,652 car clubs
  • 37,177 email addresses
  • 1,472 registered members, but ready to expand dramatically
  • Database 310 GB
  • Server RAM 8GB

The website has since it’s inception been developed and managed by a website company in India, which is able and willing to continue the development. They have already started work on a mobile app.

If you could be interested in taking over this project, or even a partnership, then please write to:



Kind regards,
Jorgen Holck

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